I stop in my tracks

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I stop in my tracks

Beitrag  cllkimmy am Do Okt 13, 2011 10:04 am

I stop in my tracks. Millets? I never go into Millets. What would I be doing in Millets? I stare at the statement in puzzle-ment, wrinkling my brow and trying to think—and then sud-denly, the Farscape dvd truth dawns on me. It’s obvious. Someone else has been using my card.

Now it all makes sense. Some criminals pinched my creditcard and forged my signature. Who knows where else they’ve used it? No wonder my statement’s so black with figures! Some-one’s gone on a spending spree round London with my card—and they thought they would just get away with it.

But how? I scrabble in my bag for my purse, open it—and there’s my VISA card, staring up at me. I take it out and run my fingers over the glossy surface. Someone must have pinched it from my purse, used it—and then putit back.It must be someone I know. Oh my God. Who?

I look suspiciously round the office. Whoever it is, isn’t very bright. Using my card at Millets! It’s almost laughable.MacGyver dvd As if I’d ever shop there.

When Michael, our deputy editor, left three weeks ago, I vol-unteered to buy his present. I took the brown envelope full of coins and notes into the shop and picked out an anorak (take it from me, he’s that kind of guy). And at the last minute, now I remember, I decided to pay on credit and keep all that handy cash for myself.

I can vividly remember fishing out the four £5 notes and carefully putting them in my wallet, sorting out the pound coins and putting them in my coin compartment, and pouring the rest of the change into the bottom of my bag. Oh good, I remember thinking. I won’t have to go to the cash machine. I’d thought that sixty quid would last me for weeks.

So what happened to it? I can’t have justspent sixty quid without realizing it, can I?

“Why are you asking, anyway?” says Clare, and she leans for-ward. I can see her beady little X-ray eyes gleaming behind herspecs. She knows I’m looking at my VISA bill.a team dvd “No reason,” I say, briskly turning to the second page of my statement.

But I’ve been put off my stride. Instead of doing what I nor-mally do—look at the minimum payment required and ignore the total completely—I find myself staring straight at the bottom figure.


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