world cup 2014 shirts cheer for the preferred Germany

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world cup 2014 shirts cheer for the preferred Germany

Beitrag  gharbiyesminel am Fr Mai 23, 2014 4:16 am

Germany announced the World Cup to prepare a list of 30 people . And many fans have prepared cheap soccer jerseys to cheer for their team.
It is worth noting that this list , there were many big teenager figure, after 90 players reached 11 people ! Loew forward line just two strokes Rukeluoze and Folland , no front array will probably become the preferred Germany. Anyway, the preferred Germany still worth us wear world cup jersey 2014 cheer for them in the World Cup 2014.
Worth 50 million euros with a huge join Arsenal , Ozil has become the most expensive in the history of German players .
After joining Arsenal , Ozil immediately with excellent play to help the team standings position once ranked first name , his performance with cool cheap football shirts on the pitch for all to see . Although as the season Ozil state appeared ups and downs, had been questioned . But at the end of the season Ozil rejuvenated , he will lead in the World Cup with his team a championship talent .
Germany home kit team points in the group G , the group has such a strong team of Portugal , Ghana , the United States , this group is also the World Cup eight highest ranked teams averaged a team , can be said to fierce competition. But for the German team , the goal is to win the World Cup ! It is no doubt that this German team the best chance to win . So if you don’t have one new favorite team jerseys, come on the where you can find kinds of soccer jerseys for yourself or your friends!


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