Newish high power white led 10w, 20w, 50w, 80w & 100w

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Newish high power white led 10w, 20w, 50w, 80w & 100w

Beitrag  xiang2011 am So Aug 19, 2012 6:49 am

These Leds are a cheap way to get a lot of watts. 10w white leds
can be as low as 2 each 28mm chip if you buy five at a time. 100w around 23 in a single chip around 45mm. That seems much cheaper than the panels that are sold. Drivers roughly double the price. Still cheap for a lot of light.

I have managed to get spectral distribution graphs for some of them.

They are in PDFs though.

What do I have to do to post them here for feedback?

There are warm white, cool white, pure white versions. Emissions vary with wattage as well as colour temp which was surprising as I thought they were just more smds in the matrix but the same. But the whites come from phosphors so they must have reasons. I think a mix covers the spectrum quite well but would like other opinions.

This seems to be to be a maturing of available cost effective led tech but what do I know?

Personally I prefer the idea of full spectrum than hoping we know enough to get selective wavelengths right. Just give it enough of everything it gets in sunlight. I read various opinions and research that different wavelengths have important functions outside of the standard red blue peaks so why not assume plants evolve to like the light of the sun? The cost saving in power is more because LED give off more light and less heat per watt than because they do not waste energy on other wavelengths I think.

These seem cheap enough not to be mean on the wattage.

What do you all think?

Anyone tried or looked at them?


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