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Storm sports news 2

Beitrag  xyykimmy am Fr Okt 28, 2011 12:44 pm

Singh believes that jointly approved by the US tour and the Asian Tour's elite of Asia - Pacific, is the rapid development in Asia, so that the race an evidence of high bonuses. " They need more such events. There are a large enterprise, they can support the larger competitions. " He added, " we need millions of dollars in events, attract children to participate in the campaign, to this for a living. If you can do this, you'll get good players. ”

Speaking in Asia organized the so-called " fifth race ", - Singh is a bit of caution. " When you put all races are called when the Grand Slam tournament, you will find it very strange, because it only has four grand slam tournaments. " Name of Fiji said, " here, you can hold a Grand Slam match for Asians, that is a good thing, but I think that it would not be a Grand Slam match, it's just a big game. ”


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